We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Garden City


Gary was extremely helpful and compassionate throughout the process. He and your staff truly made the passing of my mother and brother (Pat) bearable. Thank you.

Mary Rahal March 01, 2022

Gary was very attentive to all of our needs.

The Family of Madeline Conaway February 01, 2022

Everyone there could not have been nicer & considerate (helpful).

The Aulwes Family February 01, 2022

The staff made this period of life easy and very comfortable.

The Welch Family February 01, 2022

Everyone and everything was just wonderful.

Ernestine Williams December 20, 2021

A simple thank you from me and my brothers to Jennifer, Angie, Lisa and the entire Baker McCullough family. Mr. Baker you have a great team, thank you for taking care of Mom & Dad.

The Harley Family December 20, 2021

Gary Vinson is very nice, he helped us so much for the burial for our mother.

The Family of Ann Shearouse September 01, 2021

Thank you for your care.

The Tucker Family September 01, 2021

Made a tough time a little easier. Thanks for the personal attention and care.

The Lang Family May 10, 2021

We have always had confidence in Baker Funeral Home!

The Family of Gerald White May 10, 2021

I would recommend this funeral home as a funeral home who cares for the family of the deceased & tries to make everything as easy as possible for the arrangements.

The Durham Family May 10, 2021

There is no other funeral home as wonderful as yours! Hubert Baker was a special friend to my father, Dessie Johnson. We have always used Hubert for our funeral needs.

The Saulter Family May 10, 2021

Thanks for all your support & caring.

The Afolabi Family May 10, 2021

Gary was very kind and helpful.

The Family of Harold Norman Brooks, Jr. March 29, 2021

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for your kindness! Your cheerful and calm voice was a guiding light through my father's death. Thank you for the strength you gave me!

The Ansley Family March 10, 2021

I'm so pleased with your service. You made the difficult easier.

The Pope Family February 17, 2021

Thank you! We were very well taken care of.

The Eason Family January 26, 2021

Everyone, especially Jennifer, did a remarkable job, every step, every process, impeccable. Made this a very easy, comfortable experience. Every wish was granted. Thank you!

The Miltiades Family December 09, 2020

Gary was very compassionate.

The Bignault Family November 10, 2020

We are extremely grateful for the empathy and support shown by the staff of Baker McCullough.

The John Parker, Jr. Family October 12, 2020

I appreciate everything that was done for us. Jason is a very personable person. He cares for the families needs at a very sad time. I would recommend this funeral home to everyone. Thank all of you for the best service.

The Jimmy R. Williams, Jr. Family October 07, 2020

Dear Gary, Thank you, your photograph brought me to Dad. T'is beautiful and important beyond words for me and my sisters so far away. I am ever so pleased! I can not thank you enough for all you do.... especially for us in a different country, unable to even attend my dad's funeral because of the Corona Virus threat in February. Please stay safe and well, Big respect and gratitude.

Catherine Burge October 04, 2020

Everyone at the funeral home was pleasant, very helpful, answered all of my questions and treated me as a person in need of help. Thanks to all involved!!

Robert S. Harpe September 08, 2020

Gary Vinson was amazing and so helpful. Hubert Baker was wonderful and so caring. Would recommend to anyone.

The Allonia Ginn Family August 27, 2020

What You Do Matters A lot... Mr. Larry, Jason, Mrs. Betty & to a lot of people. Thank you son much for your kindness and compassion and care during Daddy's funeral. I especially want to say THANK YOU for the DVD's, that really touched our hearts!! You all are so amazing. Whit Love, Tracie & Jamie Watson

The Hutchinson Family August 25, 2020

Thank you all so very much for your help in making mama's memorial service so special. - and for your patience and caring way that you worked with us. We do appreciate all of y'all.

The Avis Altine Burke Family August 19, 2020

Although it was an extremely difficult time for our family, the staff at Baker McCullough gave our loved one a beautiful send off. Jason took care of all of our requests without missing a beat. He made sure we were all satisfied with everything from the way our loved one looked and was dressed, to the casket choice and adornments, programs, prayer cards, beautiful 21 gun salute, graveside service, etc. Jason made sure our expectations were met or exceeded in every way. Most of our family traveled from out of town to attend the services and we were all beyond happy that our loved one received the wonderful service he deserved despite the current state of the world. We are forever thankful to Jason and the staff at Baker McCullough for everything they did for us.

The Clinton Family August 06, 2020

Thank You, Your kindness is appreciated. Jason, Thank you for being such a kind and wonderful person to me when my husband passed away. For going out of your way to take care if all the details of your paperwork and whatever needed to be done. My Many Thanks to you again. Janet Into

The Into Family June 18, 2020

... I'm not sure where to start, but if you live in the Savannah area, you need to choose Baker McCullough. Like all the rest of the reviews, Jason is a sweet man and extremely professional. I've worked in the service industry like one of the reviewers and Jason is what someone in that industry should strive to be like. We live in the triangle area of NC. My father in-law moved up from Savannah to live with us after my husband's mother died. We knew he wanted to be back with family and our first panic was how do we get him back down, especially during this time of pandemic. Jason handled my mother-in-law's funeral and he took over handling everything from transporting my father-in-law down to Savannah to helping us find a burial plot so he could be close to his family. Whatever your family's background, Jason is ready to work with you and fit your needs. If you find yourself in need of help for funeral services, Jason and Baker McCullough are going to take care of you.

The Arnstein Family July 15, 2020

Great people.

The Dotson Family July 08, 2020

Jennifer was great. She walked my son & I thru it all.

The Mock Family July 08, 2020

Jason McCullough is by far THE most professional man I have ever met in my lifetime- and I work in hospitality. After hearing the doctors say that our mother was seriously ill, we decided to be proactive and reach out a couple funeral homes in the area. We aren’t originally from Georgia so we have no idea where to start. So we turned to google and there it was: Baker McCullough Funeral Home. After one phone call we decided to go in and meet with the staff in person. When we arrived, Jason greeted us at the door and offered us a beverage of our choice. There was also hand sanitizer and masks available at the front desk which really made us feel safe in these COVID times . Jason then took us on a tour of the facility while he explain what would happen in each of the spaces they had available and then we settled into the conference room. He was very attentive, very knowledgeable, comforting, and easy to understand. He wasn’t pushy....he wasn’t trying to sell us on the home.....but given his professionalism we were hooked. We left with a wealth of knowledge and comforted that if something happened, our mother would be in good hands. He explained all the documentation that we would need to provide, the application process for death certificates in GA, and even how the insurance claims processed worked. We felt comfortable that if we selected services with them, Jason would be handling all the paperwork which would release us of that burden of trying to deal with those things while grieving. Later that evening our mother passed away. I got right on the phone with the home and Jason promptly replied. It was very unfortunate that we needed to use their services but I am glad that it was a journey we took with them because the service, professionalism, and compassion that Jason showed never wavered from the day we met. I can personally say that losing a loved one is one of the most challenging, difficult, and painful experiences that a person can ever go through but if you choose Baker McCullough you will have the comfort of knowing that they will treat your family like their family. For that, we are forever in their debt. Thank you Jason McCullough- you are the embodiment of compassion, strength, and professionalism.

The Swan Family June 30, 2020

Jennifer was very professional and very nice.

The Howe Family May 27, 2020

Very very pleased!

The Morgan Family May 27, 2020

I can never thank everyone there enough for helping me through such a tough time!

The Flowers Family April 29, 2020

Jason made this horrible, terrible time so much easier with his knowledge and expertise. We neither one had ever had to do this before and Jason was there at every step and made it bearable. Thank you again. Jamie and Kitty

The Johnny C. Driggers Family February 20, 2020

Our family was very pleased with the services provided. The staff was extremely helpful and compassionate.

The Brewer Family January 09, 2020

Thank you for all that you did to help make this difficult time easier.

The Sasser Family January 09, 2020

Trey, thank you for all that you did for our family. You just went beyond our needs. God will truly bless you for your kindness and love. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you!

The Tyler Family October 24, 2019

Thanks to everyone, they made my wifes funeral very special to all of us, and we thank you for that.

The Oates Family October 08, 2019

Trey, On behalf of the Ramirez family, we cannot thank you enough for everything! David & Sophia Dixon

The Ramirez Family October 04, 2019

Dear Mr. McCullough, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all you did in sending me the flag case and medal display. It arrived here at a most significant time just before the anniversary of my husband's death and his joining our precious Lord a year ago. Our family and friends felt as comforted as me to remember him in such a meaningful way. Everything fit perfectly, especially his Green Beret, photo, and the special honors he received. Thank you, again and again for touching my life in so special a way! Sincerely, Marie

Marie August 24, 2019

Jason, Thank you for making everything so smooth and comforting and beautiful for our family this past weekend. I appreciate everything you did for my mama. Sincerely, Lori Fairbanks Watson

The Fairbanks Family August 23, 2019

Jason, Thank you son much for all your help through this difficult journey. You helped put Cathie's worries and fears to rest. You were so great with her. We are so blessed to have you in our community as well as in our lives. You are definitely filling God's plan for your life. With love, Leigh, Steve & Cathie

The Smith, Van Wechel and Hinson Family September 16, 2019

Hi Jason, Hope all is well. On behalf of the Fullard family we would like to take time out to give you a big thank you!! We really appreciate you more than you know! Big Thanks from us all! The Hawkins-Fullard Family

The Hawkins-Fullard Family September 19, 2019

When my heart was broken, Gary was a God-send. He was caring, knowledgeable and patient. I trusted that he was going to take good care of my son's body and treat him with the respect he deserved. Thank you, Gary, for being respectful of my feelings and giving me the time I needed before coming in to make Jason's arrangements. Y'all were great to work with! I appreciate it.

The Statts Family March 01, 2022

We would like to pay special appreciation to Trey and Gary. These gentlemen were amazing and did all they could to make what was already a very tough time a little less painful. Thank you so much for all you did for our family.

The Family of Robbie Miller February 01, 2022

Our family has known Mr. Hubert Baker for a very long time & we trust him & know he always does an excellent job! We have referred many people to him! Gary Vinson was a tremendous help also!

The Family of "Red" Smith February 01, 2022

Jason and his staff did exceptionally well at putting our family at ease and helping us get through some hard days. Everyone was very complimentary about the ease in planning and getting through those days

Linda Dekle December 24, 2021

Everybody was great. My dad would have been proud.

The Family of "Crazy Jack" Gilmore December 20, 2021

I don't feel I could have been in more caring hands.

The Family of Tony Wickstead September 27, 2021

Gary was soooo understanding & was so kind...Thank you

The Family of Debbie Gore September 01, 2021

My mother would have loved her funeral. She had known Mr. Baker for many years and knew he would take care of all the details. His organ playing is the best. Thank you Mr. Baker, Mr. Vinson & everyone on the staff. You are all outstanding!

C. Brightbill July 19, 2021

Gary who was our director treated me like a queen! Very attentive, understanding and sensitive to the needs.

The Russell Family May 10, 2021

Just can't thank them enough. The experience was very smooth. I felt very at ease.

The Sims Family May 10, 2021

Jennifer was very easy to deal with. She explained everything so well, it left us with no questions.

The Davis Family May 10, 2021

This place has done many of our friends and family. Mr. Hubert Baker is all around nice person who has shared nice things to make us comfortable.

The Outen Family May 10, 2021

Hubert Baker is the best funeral home director in Savannah, GA area. He gives very personal services. All the staff were very helpful. We will always use Hubert Baker for our funeral services.

The Family of Mrs. Irma J. Collins March 29, 2021

Hubert has been a friend of the family for many years. Have the utmost confidence in him.

Elizabeth Kamalakis March 15, 2021

We were traveling back to our home in FL with my 87-year old father when he passed away Christmas Day. Gary Vinson was so helpful and compassionate through the whole process, especially having to leave my father's body in GA. Thanks to everyone - y'all were wonderful!

The Brooks Family March 02, 2021

I would highly recommend Baker McCullough. Mr. Vinson was exceptional.

Scott Tabor February 17, 2021

Thank you for making that horrible time as easy as possible for me.

The Bazemore Family January 25, 2021

Excellent help from funeral home staff.

The Allen Family November 24, 2020

I was so thankful on how Jason McCullough showed us high and above customer service. He met all our expectations. We have been using this funeral home for years. I would definitely recommend them. -Brittany Savage

The Savage Family October 27, 2020

My Dear Jason, Thank you so much for your love and very professional handling our family need. We are very grateful and pray Gods Blessing on you and your family. Again Thank You!

Ms. Ada Thompson and Family September 30, 2020

Gary was excellent!! Could not ask for a better/nicer person/personality!

Paul Naydeck October 05, 2020

Mr. Baker, Mr. Vinson, and Mr. McCullough, Thank you so much for taking care of our mother, Julia Love; and by taking care of her, you took care of us too. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful, as we said, like she was going to church. What a gift you are all blessed with. Even with the limitations of COVID, the arrangements were so nice and consoling. Thank you again to our special friends.

Susan Olson and Family September 29, 2020

Hubert, Jennifer and Gary were so caring and understanding while taking care of my Father after his short fight with COVID-19. They explained the process, and helped with every aspect of his transition into a military cemetery. They make you feel like family and that was really important to me during this time.

Peter Nelsen September 08, 2020

Dear Larry, Thanks you for all of your help with the arrangements for our dad. We really appreciate everything.

The Connell Family August 10, 2020

Gary Vinson made our experience as painless as possible, he really listened and offered his expert input to help guide us to what needed to be done. He is truely talented at his profession and was a blessing to our family.

The Forbes Family August 24, 2020

Dear Hubert and Jennifer, Thank you so much for taking such great care of us during our mother, Brenda Collins' passing. This was a very difficult time and your care and compassion helped soothe the process for us. The services, both at the chapel and graveside, were beautiful. And thank you Hubert for playing the organ, that was very special to us.

The Family of Brenda Collins August 11, 2020

When a family member passes, it is always a difficult time. I happened to have both my mother and father pass within 6 months of each other. My father passed first, and Jason McCullough at Baker McCullough was not only considerate, but he was very kind. They removed my father with dignity from the Veterans Victory House in Walterboro, SC with honors. As my parents had prepaid for their funeral in FL, Jason was able to transfer all of their prearrangements directly to SC/GA for us all the way to the specific urn that they wanted. He actually drove all the way to Brunswick to pick the specific urn up. When mom passed, it was like Jason and I were longtime friends. The staff handled mom with care and dignity. I can't say enough about this funeral home. I'm just so thankful that Jason at Baker McCullough handled both of my parents remains. Jason quickly responded to any and all texts, phone calls, and emails with professionalism. Thank you again Baker McCullough!

The Sleby and Witter Family August 06, 2020

Not everyone can do what you do....Jason, But anyone can see that what you do makes a wonderful difference. Thank You We appreciate everything you have done to make this a little easier. Warm Regards, Amy Ponce and Hannah Todd

The Todd Family July 15, 2020

Cannot say enough about Gary. He was the nicest man I have ever dealt with. He made everything simple & easy. No drama. No confusion. Everything flowed perfectly. I cannot say enough good things. Thank you!

The McCallar Family July 08, 2020

Everything our family needed. Thank your entire team for everything!

The Chafin Family July 08, 2020

During this most difficult time, and under the "cloud" of the coronavirus, we couldn't have asked for better treatment. Compassion and friendliness are just a couple of words to describe our experience. So very helpful as well! Thank You!!

The Quinney Family June 12, 2020

Gary has been very helpful, responsive, and guided me through the decisions for dad's final resting.

The Hunt Family June 24, 2020

Hubert and Billy Kearney has buried my mother, father, husband, brother, cousin and many relatives and friends. Would not use anybody else.

The Simmons Family May 27, 2020

Our family thanks each one of you for your professional yet caring way.

The Tatum Family April 29, 2020

Mr. Gary T. Vinson Jr was very professional and immensely helpful!

The Drown Family April 01, 2020

Would like to thank Gary Vinson and all the staff for all of their help.

The Rogers Family February 05, 2020

It was a very stressful time and they treated us as family. They were able to do everything we asked. Our son was so natural and at peace. Thank you

The Braddy Family January 09, 2020

Our family appreciates the level of care you provided to us through this difficult process. Thank you!

The Waldhauer Family December 11, 2019

Hubert, Gary & Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful, perfect celebration of the life of our mother. You went way above & beyond.

Family of Willa Mae Morris October 10, 2019

Jennifer, We appreciate all your help during our time of loss.

The Coughlin Family October 04, 2019

Jason, You will never know how much your compassion and professionalism was appreciated by my family as we grieved the passing of my Grammy, Ms. Myrtle Ruth Flanders. You took great care with every detail so that my family, especially my Grandad, could take our time to remember such a beautiful woman. Please extend thanks to all of your staff at Baker McCullough. Thanks you again, Jason! Sincerely, Haley Sanders

The Flanders Family September 04, 2019

Jason, Words can not express the thankfulness we have for you. We want to tell you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking care of your dad, father-in-law, Papa Rickey and loved one. It is still very hard to believe, but we know he no longer hurts. Therefore while dealing with heartbreak, you truly went above and beyond to ease our minds and answered all questions! I know it is your job, but you did more, and treated us like family. We are grateful for you! God bless you and thank you again Jason. Thank you, DJ, Mellisa Neumans & family.

The Neumans Family March 13, 2019

Jason, Thank you for all that you and your staff did before and during Frank's funeral service. Trey was right there with us the whole way and made excellent suggestions when we got stumped. Marie Brantley & Family

The Brantley Family June 24, 2019

"At a time of great sadness and stress, Hubert Baker and staff were compassionate, comforting, accommodating, and respectful. Thanks so much!

The Davis Family September 26, 2019